Lights Out trailer gives us a good reason to be afraid of the dark

You know there’s nothing there but you can’t help get that feeling of dread every time the lights go out. When I was younger, looking down a dark hallway always gave me the chills, so I’m not particularly keen on seeing Lights Out, a new film produced by James Wan. (Just kidding, I’m definitely going to see this.)

The film’s story is a little cliched by now—person is tormented by deceased friend/relative/previous occupant of home. But Lights Out looks clever and inventive enough that it doesn’t matter. It’s actually the adult (Maria Bellow) who is haunted by the ghost, not her kid, so it does kind of flip the script a little.

Lights Out is based on a short that was released made by David Sandberg, who created last year’s Kung Fury. To get a feel for what to expect, you can check out the Lights Out short right here. And to see the adaptation, which comes out July 22, check out the video above.

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