Look Inside The Army’s Elite “Old Guard” This Memorial Day

It is the oldest active duty unit of the US Army and it presides over America’s fallen heroes on a daily basis. What for many would be a task too heavy to bear on a daily basis, the Third Infantry Regiment takes incredible pride and honor in executing.

Most famously, the Sentinels, which guard the Tomb Of The Unknown Soldier, are among the most visible of the Old Guard. They wear a badge that is so rare it is only second to the Army Astronaut badge. Just making it to the point where a soldier can stand guard means they have made it through a training process with a washout rate of around 90%. It is one of the highest honors in the entire US Military, and the pride the Sentinels take in their exacting display is eye watering.

The Sentinels are just one of the many unique services the Third Infantry Regiment provides to the Military District Of Columbia. Others include escorting the President during key events to providing dignified transfer of remains at Dover AFB.


Take a in-depth look at this elite Army unit in this fantastic documentary, a perfect companion to your Memorial Day:


This post originally ran on Memorial Day last year, May 25, 2015. It’s been reposted to share with you this Memorial Day.

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