Man Rides 11,200 Miles Across Asia On 8 HP Scooter To Take On The Nürburgring

Photo credit: Dale Lomas via Bridge to Gantry

The Nürburgring is on nearly every gearhead’s bucket list, but this man went to far more incredible lengths to do it than most do. Jae Yeong Lee rode his 110cc, eight horsepower Honda Super Cub scooter approximately 11,200 miles from Seoul, South Korea, to do two laps of the Nürburgring.

Lee’s Super Cub was extraordinarily loaded down with luggage when he finally got to the Nürburgring. He’d been camping along the road on the way from Seoul on a massive 100-day road trip that took him across Asia, through Russia and into Europe to ride the Nürburgring’s infamous Nordschleife course.

Despite the extra weight, Lee told Bridge to Gantry that his 4-liter gas tank was still good for 93 miles on a fill-up. (Our friends at Bridge to Gantry have several other close-ups of the heroic little machine here.)

Before he got to tackle the Nordschleife himself, Lee got to take a ride along in a Seat Leon Cupra driven by ‘ring regular Thilo.

I’ve never seen a dude so happy to be in the passenger seat of a race car. This is truly what meeting your heroes looks like, right down to the in-car selfies.

Fortunately, Lee also got what he came for. Lee logged two laps of the Nürburgring’s most famous Nordschleife course at the end of the day, after the tourist drive sessions had ended.

You can see more of Lee’s incredible road trip to the Nürburgring and on to see more of Europe on his Instagram page here. Now that’s a true iron butt.


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