Master big data with this ultimate analytics course bundle – at 97% off

Ultimate Data and Analytics Bundle

A close look at what any business is doing will create heaping mounds of raw data. Who’s buying or selling what? Did your hot new product really connect with your market? Are your workers being used to their best possible effectiveness? Those are simple questions – but uncovering real, useable answers among all those business analytics is the true art.

This Ultimate Data & Analytics Bundle, now available at 97% off – just $39 – in the TechnoBuffalo Deals Store, will make you the one person your boss can turn to to truly understands what all those numbers mean.

Across more than 130 courses, online educator eduCBA gives you the tools and shows you the way to not only pull out critical data that counts, but then use big data results to maximize your business results – not to mention what it’ll do for your career.

You’ll get courses running you through practically every business data collection, analysis and presentation procedure out there being used by industry leaders. You’ll master SAS (Statistical Analysis Systems), R programming and database creation and maintenance.

You can also understand the basics of industry-standard programming and data management tools like Oracle SOA Suite and SQL, Google Analytics, Apache Hadoop, Tableau, MongoDB, Informatica and more.

Your new-found data science mastery offers you a critical leg up in your current job and leaves you with a highly sought-after skill to make you a respected (and well-compensated) team member in your next position.

It’s education that pays for itself several times over – and at 97% off its regular price, it only costs pennies to get this career-changing knowledge.

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