Master cloud computing with AWS in this 17-hour course — 94% off

Master cloud computing

There are few certainties with technology, but cloud computing is definitely the future of IT. The Advanced Cloud Computing with AWS course helps you get your head around it, with 17 hours of content for $39 via TechnoBuffalo Deals.

As the name suggests, this course focuses on using Amazon Web Services to host your applications. The content is broken down into 10 modules, each filled with instructor-led tutorials, with a comprehensive test to take at the end of each section. After learning how to prepare onsite networking infrastructure to sync with the cloud, the course explains virtualization and how it is applied to the AWS platform. You can find out how to create your own virtual PCs that integrate seamlessly with local desktop environments. These skills are vital for anyone going into IT or already in the profession, and a great addition to any CV.

The videos are available to stream 24/7 on desktop and mobile devices. Normally priced at $699, you can currently save 94% on 12 months’ unlimited access to the course.

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