Mother 3 turns 10 years old, Internet re-opens petitions for localization

Mother 3 is without question one of the finest video games that has ever emerged from the halls of Nintendo. It’s just a shame that so few have actually had the opportunity to legitimately play it in their native language. If you thought its Super Nintendo predecessor Earthbound was an amazing treasure from your childhood, then you haven’t seen anything yet.

I have no problem saying that the Game Boy Advance sequel is superior in almost every single way.

The game turns 10 years old this week, and the Internet doesn’t exactly know how to feel about that. It’s been 10 years since we were first blessed with this incredible little JRPG, 10 years since we were first introduced to its magical characters and whimsical adventure, and 10 years since the iconic sunflower scene first worked its way into our memories.

At the same time, it’s been 10 years since fans began to push for an official localization from Nintendo and 10 ten years that their requests have gone unanswered. In fact, they’ve only been mocked in a not-so-subtle fashion.

Because of this, anniversary fans around the net are posting wonderful fan art and are again posting protest pieces in the face of Nintendo’s stonewalling.


Please Nintendo…

— Waluigi4Smash (@Wah4Smah) April 20, 2016

Happy 10th anniversary MOTHER 3!

— Lemon (@mikanmilk02) April 20, 2016

In recent years, Nintendo has appeared to clear the runway for the long overdue release. We’ve seen major-breakthroughs in its rocky relationship with the Mother fans by delivering Virtual Console releases of both Earthbound and the NES original, Mother.

But still, Mother 3 continues to go unaccounted for.

I often think Nintendo doesn’t get enough credit from the Mother 3 fanbase though. Sure, it hasn’t delivered the game as its members demand and shout for. However, it has done a lot by turning a blind-eye to the fan-translation and all of the other sweet merchandise that its unofficial ambassadors over at make. It’s even letting fans develop an “official” Mother 4!

I mean, this is “get our games off of YouTube” Nintendo we’re talking about here! And it is practically letting all of this passionate fandom happen right under its very nose. That’s a kind of “off hands” support you don’t see too often from the Big N, or anybody really.

That being said, Mother 3 deserves a chance to officially thrive in some capacity in the English speaking world, and the Nintendo 3DS seems like the best place to do it. Heck, I’d even cough up the money for a New Nintendo 3DS for the chance to play it if that’s what Nintendo needs to make it happen. My Super Nintendo favorites certainly weren’t enough to lure me into an upgrade.

Mother 3 though? That’s a whole other story. What a special game. Happy birthday, you tear-jerking masterpiece!

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