Matte black MacBook revisited: How does ColorWare’s service hold up?

Earlier this month, Jon purchased a brand new MacBook for use at home and on business trips. He loves the portability and power, and even though he didn’t fall in love with the MacBook right away, it’s become a favorite. But the machine he purchased is no ordinary MacBook; he actually got it through ColorWare, giving him the opportunity to completely customize how the computer looks.

Jon talks a lot about why he wanted to try ColorWare in a previous video, so if you’re curious why someone would go this route instead of purchasing directly from Apple, you can check that out. ColorWare has been doing this for a while but we’d never seen one of their products in person. I think it’s safe to say the results speak for themselves.

However, like anything that’s used every single day, there’s been some general wear and tear. In the case of Jon’s matte black MacBook, there are instances of chipping along with a few other issues. That’s disappointing considering the price of ColorWare’s service; for a brand new MacBook directly from the company, prices start at $2,049. If you want to send your own model in, you’re going to spend $549.

That’s not exactly cheap. You can just as easily slap a colored case on your laptop if customization is what you’re after. The work ColorWare does is immaculate and beautiful. But if you plan on going this route yourself, be weary of how the paint will hold up after extended use. Even for someone like Jon who is pretty careful about taking care of his stuff, it looks like chipping is inevitable.

Check out the video above to hear what else Jon has to say about the experience.

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