Walmart’s Amazon Prime killer launches nationwide for half the price

Walmart’s Amazon Prime competitor is finally ready for primetime. The company’s ShippingPass service, which offers free two-day shipping for just $49 per year, is now available across the U.S.

As an added bonus, Walmart is offering a free 30-day trial for anyone who signs up. You’ll still get the free month even if you were already using ShippingPass as part of the pilot program. it should show up in your email inbox soon.

ShippingPass costs half as much as Amazon Prime, making it a compelling offer for anyone who mostly uses the service to order products online. However, Amazon also bundles its subscriptions with free video and music streaming services, along with integrated hardware like the Amazon Echo and its Fire tablets. It may be hard to leave Amazon if you’re already committed to Prime.

Beyond the price, Walmart’s other big advantage is its chain of physical locations. If you want to return a product ordered through Shipping Pass, you can simply bring it into a nearby store or return it online.

Walmart’s commerce chief Fernando Madeira even used the opportunity to take a shot at Amazon and its fluctuating prices. “When we have a special price, it isn’t just for a fleeting moment,” he said. “Our rollbacks typically last 90 days or longer while supplies last.”

Madeira also promised tons of new deals starting next month as part of an Independence Day celebration, along with future upgrades to the app and website for an easier shopping experience. If you’re interested in trying ShippingPass, this seems like a good time to redeem that 30-day trial.

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