McLaren P1 Worth Over $1 Million Trashed In D.C. Crash

Just a month after we mourned the McLaren P1 reaching the end of production, pictures emerged of one torn up and loaded onto a wrecker. Not only is that over $1 million down the drain, it’s also just plain depressing.

This comes around a year after the first McLaren P1 crash in the U.S., and the word circling the web is that this P1 met a sad fate in Washington, D.C. recently. While we can’t confirm the owner of the car, it’s said to be owned by a member of the Abu Dhabi ruling family, Sultan Bin Rashed Al Nahyan.

The Instagram account that looks to belong to Al Nahyan features a photo of the car from over a year ago, and comments state that his “friends stole it and crashed it” while he was back home. Sounds like an absolute mess.


The owner of the Instagram account said that the car will “be back on the streets in a month or so,” and we can only hope that’s true.


Hat tip to Oppositelock and Reddit!

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