NES30 Controller adds retro twist to modern gameplay – 26% off


The NES30 brings Nintendo’s classic controller up to date, with multi-platform compatibility, Bluetooth connectivity, and dual joysticks. Via TechnoBuffalo Deals, you can grab it now for $36.99 shipped.

Just as with the original, the NES30 has a solid joypad and two action buttons set within a striking red and black color scheme. However, this updated version adds joysticks, extra shoulder buttons, and the curved shape of the SNES controller for better ergonomics. It works with Windows, OS X and Android games, along with the iCade app on iOS, Virtual Console games on your Wii, and several other platforms. Along with Bluetooth, you can connect the controller via USB, which is also how you charge the internal battery. The NES30 has its own CPU, which keeps lag to a minimum, and it is upgradeable with firmware updates. It is truly portable, as well, at just 0.59 inches thick.

The current deal takes 26% off the regular price for the controller, with free international shipping included.

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