New emulator plays NES classics in 3D… How in the world does it do that?!

Prepare to have your mind blown. Like many others speculating on how in the world this is possible, I have absolutely zero clue how this new 3DNES emulator is cranking out these graphics. Some far off wizardry or black magic, perhaps?

A new trailer for the emulator shows off a few select games, and, admittedly, the effect works better for some games than others. Dr. Mario, Legend of Kage, and Mega Man all look at least functional with the 3D graphics, but Super Mario Bros. 3 and Contra might be a bit too cluttered with background effects. The results are loaded with fading and incomprehensible sprite layers.

And I’ll just come out and say that the programmers obviously had Castlevania in mind when making this emulator, because it runs the best of the bunch.

Again, this is obviously a work in progress, and the effect is merely supposed to be interesting, not make the game function better. Seeing a classic through new eyes is always an enlightening experience.

The emulator only runs in Firefox, and you’ll have to find the url for the NES roms yourself. We won’t be providing you with those here. However, we more than support this unique emulator for the sake of fun emulation itself.

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