NYC to prototype “centipede” subway cars that look like this

Just a couple of years ago I lived and commuted using New York City’s 456 subway like every day. It’s a mess during peak commuting hours, where lines can be so long that it feels like you’re waiting for a ride at Disneyland. New York City’s MTA is working to fix the overcrowded subway cars with new layouts that feature a “centipede” or “open gangway” approach to how one car is connected to another. It’s a common sight in other cities and sometimes even on buses, where you can easily walk the length of the vehicle without hitting doors.

Here’s a look at what a centipede subway car in Toronto looks like:

Centipede Car GIF

It’s not certain that New York City will adopt these new designs, but the MTA has funds to build ten prototypes, Gothamist said. “We don’t take major changes like this lightly,” MTA’s Adam Lisberg told the news outlet. “We really need to see some of these trainsets in service before we can evaluate how they work., whether they have unanticipated consequences, how the advantages balance against disadvantages, etc.”

The designs can add as much as 8-10 percent additional space, Gothamist said. Whatever provides more distance between me and that smelly dude over there with the Discman is well worth the additional costs and risks, I say.

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