Odin Sphere: Leifthrasir Storybook trailer – Take me to Neverland, you gorgeous game!

Odin Sphere… if ever there was a game that best represents a video game fairy tale, this is it. VanillaWare’s masterpiece comes loaded with magic, mystery, underlying messages about life and death, and, most importantly, pixie sprites sporting machine gun bazookas!

It’s all captured here in this latest “Storybook” trailer from Atlus. Odin Sphere caught on as VanillaWare’s unquestionable fan-favorite back in the PlayStation 2 days, and this remake is set to correct all of the technical limitations that held it back, most notably the framerate and the resolution.

Odin Sphere was a bit too big for its britches back in 2007. Hopefully, the PlayStation 4 can properly run a sprite-based game from an era when 480p was the standard. Trust me… it can.

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