Orpheus ears-on! Experiencing Sennheiser’s insane $55,000 headphones

Back in 1991 Sennheiser created Orpheus in an effort to make the best headphones on earth. Now the company is at it again with a new model for the 21st century, and we were lucky enough to try these $55,000 headphones out for ourselves.

Everything about the new Orpheus screams pure luxury, from the sound they produce to the way they look. Sennheiser’s created an integrated system that includes the headphones themselves and an amplifier consisting of eight vacuum tubes suspended in a block of high-end marble. The metal knobs are also drilled from one big block of aluminum.

Sennheiser is only making 250 copies of the Orpheus per year, which we understand since it takes a full day to manufacture each unit. So if you get a chance to try them out for yourself, go for it. Until then, enjoy the video up top and then take a more detailed look with our photo gallery below.

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