Polaroid Snap Plus is an instant camera for a digital generation

Instant film has enjoyed a slow revival over the past few years, culminating in a surprisingly fruitful holiday season. So with the old art’s popularity at an all-time high, Polaroid decided to upgrade one of its most popular cameras: the Polaroid Snap. At CES this week, the famous brand introduced the Polaroid Snap+, a much improved experience that adds even more versatility to the instant experience.

The Polaroid Snap+ is more of a digital experience rather than a Polaroid camera your dad used to own. But it comes with one feature you won’t find in 99 percent of modern day cameras: the ability to print pictures right from the camera. Equipped with a new 3.5-inch LCD display and 13-megapixel CMOS sensor, the Snap+ is the kind of camera perfect for preserving memories, and then sharing physical copies with friends and families.

For how convenient and wonderful it is to have all your photos backed up to a service like Google Photos, nothing beats the intimacy of a physical photo. It’s a tangible memory that you can look at any time, and it doesn’t require a processor or Internet connection to look at it. You simply snap a picture, print said picture, and place it on your fridge (or wherever).

What’s neat about the Snap+ is that you can also print pictures taken with your phone (both iOS and Android), which means the Snap+ doubles as a portable printer. The device uses ZINK Zero Ink Printing Technology, and prints out 2-inch x 3-inch full color images right on the spot. Up to ten images can be queued up at any time, so you can take photos and print at the same time.

Polaroid’s Snap+ is expected to be available later this year, and retail somewhere in the $140-$150 range; the Snap, which is out now, can be picked up for just $99. It might not be the most advanced digital camera around, but with the ability to print pictures on the spot, that’s not really the point. For weddings, birthdays, graduations, and other big events, the Polaroid Snap+ would make for a perfect companion.

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