Psychonauts 2 passes $3 million, hits the home stretch on crowdfunding campaign

Psychonauts 2

A long awaited and totally unexpected sequel to the cult classic Psychonauts was announced at The Game Awards earlier this month, but there was a catch – it was crowdfunded, as so many of Double Fine’s other recent projects have been. As we roll into the new year, though, signs are good that this project is going to happen.

The Psychonauts 2 campaign, run via Fig, is currently at just over $3 million out of a requested $3.3 million with just short of two weeks left in the campaign.

The average donation across the 18,431 investors is about $166. The game has managed to pull in an average of $115,000 per day since the campaign was announced, though a huge chunk of that came at the beginning of the campaign and tapered off after that as so often happens with crowdfunding.

The original Psychonauts, which came out in 2005, centered around a summer camp for psychic kids and was a hit for its twisted sense of humor and unique art style, both of which shone through the okay-at-best platforming. It was a huge burden for Double Fine, who saw funding slip away and come back throughout development before finally releasing the game under Majesco. Hopefully this sequel will have an easier time from the budget perspective that will let the team concentrate more on making the game and less on keeping the lights on.

Fig is a new crowdfunding platform put together by Double Fine boss Tim Schafer as well as executives from other small studios like Obsidian (Pillars of Eternity) and InXile (Wasteland 2), which allows backers to not just donate to their campaign but actually invest, opening potential for profit on a project.

Here’s the original game’s incredible Milkman level:

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