Save $100 on the Martian Notifier—a sleek and powerful smartwatch that’s one of the most affordable devices of its kind


Everybody’s jumping on the smartwatch bandwagon these days. Instead of following the herd, carve out a more distinctive wrist profile with the smartwatch that doesn’t look like a smartwatch: the Martian Notifier. This slick wearable is at the perfect holiday gift price of $29.99—that’s $100 off its retail price right now in the TechnoBuffalo Deals Store.

At a glance, the Martian Notifier looks like a regular wristwatch. But look closer and you’ll find it’s packed with smartwatch functionality, making it the perfect item for those want the convenience of constant communication without the style demerits that come with most wearable tech.

You’ll get push notifications and text messages, customized alarms and vibrations, and weather and traffic updates, as well as remote image capturing capabilities. The Martian even keeps tabs on your phone’s location, and alerts you if you’re accidentally leaving it somewhere. Best of all, you’ll get seven full days of use with each charge—that’s simply unheard of for comparable smartwatches.

The Martian Notifier comes in stylishly sharp black, red, and white varieties, and all come with free shipping anywhere in the continental U.S. For a limited time, you can grab this smartwatch for yourself — now only $29, or 76% off the retail price.

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