Spend Your Sunday Watching Old Motorweek Reviews Of The Jeep Cherokee XJ

Spend Your Sunday Watching Old Motorweek Reviews Of The Jeep Cherokee XJ
Photo: Motorweek/YouTube

If you haven’t yet fallen in love with the Jeep Cherokee XJ after following Project Swiss Cheese, these five Motorweek reviews might finally push you over the edge. Watch the boxy little beast kick butt as Motorweek tests ‘84, ‘87, ‘91, ‘95 and ‘97 model years.

Jeep sold nearly 2.8 million Jeep Cherokee XJs during the boxy SUV’s 18-year production run. In those 18 years, Jeep made the XJ better and better, until the Jeep finally went away in 2001, replaced by the much less interesting Jeep Liberty.

But even though the late models were tougher, safer and more comfortable than the model that debuted in 1984, even the 1984 XJ was considered at the top of its class.


Watch as Motorweek puts XJs through the test, starting with the vehicle that launched in 1984, and finishing with the Jeep’s final refresh in 1997.

I think it’s safe to say that, in boxing terms, the Jeep Cherokee went 18 and 0.


1984: The Jeep XJ Launches

1987: The Jeep Cherokee Gets The Four-Liter I6

1991: The Jeep XJ Goes Off-Road Against The Competition

1995: The XJ Is An Oldie But A Goodie


1997: The Jeep Cherokee Gets A Mid-Cycle Refresh

Man, what a great vehicle. I think I need to buy another one. Or six.

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