Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness could be ported to PC if gamers use gamepad

Square Enix’s JRPG branch is finding itself a nice little home on Steam, bringing most of the Final Fantasy series along with it to break the ice. Following Final Fantasy, though, what other Square Enix JRPG franchises would you like to buy on the PC? How about Star Ocean?

Producer Shuichi Kobayashi says that it wouldn’t be that hard to do in an interview with FFDream. The biggest challenge is not the port itself, but, rather, just finding a comfortable way for PC gamers to jump aboard if they don’t want to use a gamepad.

FFDream: Are there any plans to port Star Ocean 5 to PC?

Kobayashi: “Since the game is full of action, I wonder the ideal commands for PC might be… What’s the best way to play it, in your opinion?”

FFWorld: “With a game pad?”

Kobayashi: “Are people used to playing on PC with a game pad in Europe?”

FFWorld and FFDream: “Yes.”

Kobayashi: “I see. So if you have a game pad, you can play it without problems, but I wonder how those who don’t have one would play. That’s our main concern and why we’ve pushed to release a PC version later on, so that we could reflect on the controls for players without a game pad. The ASKA engine, which tri-Ace used to develop Star Ocean 5, allows us to easily bring the game to PC, so if we can find a solution to our problem with the controls on PC, porting it should be easy enough for us, although I can’t promise that it would be fast.”

You hear that, PC gamers?! Take a break from WASD, and pick up a gamepad! We want Star Ocean on Steam, and you’re holding us back! Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness will be released for the PlayStation 4 next week on June 28.

And Square Enix, how about some news on Star Ocean: The Second Story as well? That would be a sweet Steam release if you need a way justify a localization for the recent PlayStation 4 or Vita port.

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