Starr Mazer developer diary – Year One of indie gaming’s most GIF-able title

Starr Mazer stole our hearts a year ago when it ran the Kickstarter gauntlet for two reasons: its unorthodox approach to combining two genres that have no right to be combined and the impressive GIFs that the game can crank out.

It’s been a full year since then, and Imago Softworks has released a developer diary that crams the first year of development into a five minute video. Production, marketing, everything you could want to know about preparing a Kickstarter campaign that clicks with backers and then following through with a successful development phase.

You want to know how to mash a point-and-click adventure together with a bullet hell SHMUP? Then you need to watch this video.

Starr Mazer does not yet have a release date, but it will be available for the PC, Mac, and Linux when it does finally launch. Other platforms are currently TBA.

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