Stop staring at my screen, creeper – Visual hacking is real


Ever been out in public and you are staring at your phone’s screen and you feel someone’s leering eyes, probably looking at your screen? Yeah, definitely creepy. How about when you’re working on your laptop on a plane? “Stop staring at my screen, creeper!”

When you go to the ATM or to the gas station, there’s a friendly placard next to the number pad reminding you to be wary of exposing your digits. What makes that any different from when you’re looking at personal conversations, looking up your banking information, or working on sensitive work documents? Frankly, it doesn’t.

Visual hacking is as real as a computer hacker having access to your computer from thousands of miles away. Sometimes it may be entirely innocent, maybe a co-worker walking by on their way to the breakroom or a classmate passing your seat on the way to hers. The fact is, your privacy still matters and you shouldn’t risk leaving your information exposed or conversations open for any looky-loo to see (intentional or not).

You could try to block your screen with your hands or fashion some cardboard fort out of old shipping boxes, but 3M has an arsenal of tools to help protect your privacy. 3M privacy filters and screen protectors use an advanced micolouver technology that blocks side views while maintaining crisp views for the intended user, you.

Check out the 3M privacy products that are available for your protection.

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of 3M. The opinions and text are all mine.

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