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Like you, I often harbor idle dreams of one day owning a Ferrari. For reasons obvious to anyone who has seen the state of my apartment, this is never going to happen. Still, I like to dream, and one website supports my fantasies:


The fun thing about is you can go on and within a six clicks you can be staring at an exploded diagram of the Jalopnik Fantasy Garage’s Ferrari 288 GTO’s turbocharging system. This is pornography.

Moreover, it’s not just that you can see how all these parts go together, lifting the veil of Ferrari secrecy, all the parts have prices! You could order this stuff.


I, for instance, most desperately want a completely and utterly stupid Ferrari 348tb. (Owning any Ferrari is stupid, I reason, so why not get the stupidest one? Plus it has manual steering.) I can quickly go to my beloved and immediately get a sense of how ungodly expensive owning and maintaining my own Ferrari 348tb would be. Look at this diagram of the car’s water pump.

Do you see item number five? The little nut there? It’s $8.52, and it’s at a 10 percent discount.

I could go through page and page of this site, clicking out of pure curiosity to see how a Ferrari 550 Barchetta front bumper assembly goes together. I imagine myself in my own ranch house garage decades from now. My neighbor is getting into his transportation pod and I wave while I wrench on my 3D printed 550 Barchetta. Then I cringe when I see that the car’s inner rear taillight bracket is a good $132.93 alone. That front bumper is $1,871.35. This is not going to happen.

And even beyond my purposeless dreaming of owning a whole Ferrari, offers me the immediate possibility of buying just a tiny piece of Ferrari ownership.



Hey look, washer number nine is just two cents!

Correction: This post has been updated with the correct URL, I’m goon!

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