Strapping a GoPro to Hot Wheels makes for great entertainment

When I was a kid, I played with this Hot Wheels stow and go set and raced the cars down the track for hours and hours. I was obsessed with it and loved pretending like I was the maniac driving down the track at insane speeds.

There’s still something so fun and raw and innocent about playing with Hot Wheels—so what if I’m a grown adult.

That’s why the video above is so much darn fun. If you fancy yourself a stunt driver but don’t actually want to put yourself in danger, just enjoy the footage from 5MadMovieMakers, which strapped a GoPro Session onto the frame of a Hot Wheels car and sent it down a ramp. That jump makes my stomach drop.

I always figured the best use case for GoPro’s action cameras was for action sports: scaling mountains, skydiving, dirt biking. But with a little creativity, it makes for a fun tool in your backyard too.

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