T-Mobile just launched a $30 plan for tourists who visit the US

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Coming to the United States for a quick visit? Welcome. If you need a quick plan while you’re here, you may want to consider T-Mobile, which recently launched a new plan targeted specifically at tourists.

For $30, you’ll get service for up to three weeks with up to 2GB of LTE data, support for calls and texts inside and outside of the United States (more than 140 countries are supported) and 1,000 minutes. T-Mobile’s SIM card is free if you have an unlocked phone, and T-Mobile says you just need to walk into a store and ask for the “Tourist” plan.

You’ll get a U.S. number for the time that you’re here but you won’t get any of T-Mobile’s bonus features, like Binge On. You will, however be able to use your Tourist Plan data as a hotspot, which is a nice bonus. The plan does not renew, so you’ll need to go back to T-Mobile if you plan on staying for more than 3 weeks.

The difference between this and other prepaid plans in the U.S., of course, is support for texting and calling home in the included $30 price. That’s a solid option.

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