Tales of Berseria reveals two new characters, Rokuro and Eleanor

Tales of Berseria Rokuro

Here I was, thinking that the Tales series was going to try something new and focus solely on one really solid playable character and not a handful of generic ones. Bandai Namco then introduced us to Velvet’s twerp comrade Laphicet, and I thought, “Okay, maybe he’ll just tag along as backup, healing and buffing Velvet as she hacks away at monsters.”

But now, my dreams have taken an even larger hit with two more character introductions, taking us back to the typical party system and throwing out the idea of a centralized character once and for all. Back to business as usual.

Tales magazine scan

The two new characters are Rokuro and Eleanor, as revealed by a recent scan in Japan’s Weekly Jump magazine. It is worth pointing out that the magazine does not specifically say these will be playable characters, but after being given this much page space, I think it’s inevitable.

Rokuro is a happy-go-lucky young swordsman, who is actually a Daemon (those affected by Daeemonblight,) but still maintains reason. He follows Velvet due to a debt he owes her.

Eleanor is part of the anti demon organization, “Malkak.” She has a kind personality to most people, but shows a cold-hearted side to those that bare teeth towards the Malak.

Eleanor does not yet have a quality image to back her up. Tales of Berseria will be released in 2016 for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and PC.

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