Teen Crashes Nissan Skyline Into House An Hour After Buying It 

How this Nissan Skyline wound up crashed into the side of someone’s garage, we do not know. What we do know is that the 17-year-old owner bought the car just an hour before slamming into a house, bringing instant shame upon car people everywhere—just like a Mustang at Cars and Coffee.


The wreck happened in the Australian city of Perth on Thursday morning, and WAtoday reports that no one was home at the time. A post on 7 News’ Facebook page says neither the driver nor his friends in the car, none of them identified, were hurt in the wreck.

Photo credit 7 News Facebook page

The local Department of Fire and Emergency Services towed away the Skyline, described as “high powered” by WAtoday and which looks like an R33, for its first set of repairs under the new owner. Hopefully he didn’t blow his entire allowance on the car itself, because he’ll need some extra change in the bank after this one.


But really, look at that wreck. How did that happen? Did this kid unsuccessfully try to break Australia’s anti-hooning laws the minute he bought the car? The reports on WAtoday and 7 News both left out what led to the crash. Perhaps the owner was too embarrassed to talk about it.

The only explanation we can come up with: damn kids.

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