Tell Us About The Best And Worst Cars You Drove In 2015

Tell Us About The Best And Worst Cars You Drove In 2015

For reasons I cannot understand, people keep giving Jalopnik writers cars to drive. This year our best cars ranged from the new Miata to the McLaren 570S, and our worsts included the Chevy Trax and a monstrous machine called the Hoffman. How was your driving year?…

Tell us about the best and worst stuff you drove in 2015. Maybe it was your own car, or some abysmal rental car, or an awesome (or terrible) test drive experience, or how you talked yourself into a buddy’s car and walked away impressed. Or sad.


One more that didn’t quite make my “best” cut, but maybe should have: that glorious Accumoto 911 up top. I need to talk my way into more old-school air-cooled Porsches next year.

What about you?


Photo credit Kurt Bradley

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