The 17 most powerful LGBT+ executives in the world

DATE IMPORTED:September 27, 2012Gigi Chao, the daughter of Hong Kong property tycoon Cecil Chao Sze-tsung, poses at the conference room of her office in Hong Kong September 27, 2012. A flood of men offered dates and marriage proposals to the lesbian daughter of Cecil Chao who was willing to pay $500 million HKD ($64 million) to a successful son-in-law. Gigi, who works with her father as the executive director of the family-owned Cheuk Nang Holdings Ltd, told Reuters in an exclusive interview that she saw her father's announcement as an act of love. REUTERS/Bobby Yip Gigi Chao, vice chairman of £1.2 billion property firm Cheuk Nang Reuters / Bobby Yip

LGBT+* executive network OUTstanding has released its annual LGBT+ Top 100 power list.

As OUTstanding founder and chief executive Suki Sandhu said, it has been a difficult year for the LGBT+ cause.

“From the events in Orlando, to hate crimes in post-referendum London, the bruising of the LGBT+ community on the world stage is a reminder that full acceptance has not yet been realised,” he said.

That makes awareness all the more important, and the list highlights the increasing visibility of LGBT+ figures in the business world.

Take a look at the executives who made the top of the list.

*LGBT+ is an acronym for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and +. The + represents the numerous other groups of sexual and gender minorities that would otherwise make the acronym too long to use.

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