The Cavaliers did the ‘mannequin challenge’ with Michelle Obama at the White House

Cavaliers Mannequin ChallengeTwitter/Cavs

The Cleveland Cavaliers visited the White House on Thursday to celebrate the Warriors blowing a 3-1 lead in the Finals with President Barack Obama and first lady Michelle Obama.

Their visit included several memorable moments: Obama praising JR Smith for wearing a shirt, Iman Shumpert watching White House staffers move a podium with the bemusement of a child at a magic show, and a fun “mannequin challenge.”

The mannequin challenge is the fun new teen video game in which everyone freezes in place (just like a mannequin!) as the camera pans across the frame. There were groans after the challenge was done by the Dallas Cowboys’ front office aboard a private jet, but Michelle Obama and the Cavs appear to have done it right.


Freezing our @WhiteHouse visit in time forever with @FLOTUS!#MannequinChallenge 🇺🇸

— Cleveland Cavaliers (@cavs) November 11, 2016

Kevin Love posing with the $1 bill in front of a portrait of George Washington is an interesting choice, filmically speaking, and LeBron James and Michelle Obama posing for a selfie is even better.

What’s more, James posted to his Instagram a second and slightly different mannequin challenge, in which the first lady is admiring his ring. This one, according to Uninterrupted (James’ content platform), is called the “Official LeBron James version.”

Here it is:

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