The Essential Productivity & Security Bundle saves oodles of time – now 90% off

Productivity & Security Bundle

Among the items you just wish that money could buy…is time. If there was a way to plunk down a couple of dollars to save yourself a few precious hours of your time each day, you’d probably do it. So if you can make a modest purchase that would routinely save you that valuable time, it’d have to be worth it.

That’s why $59 for the Essential Productivity & Security Bundle, especially now that it’s available at 90% off in the TechnoBuffalo Deals Store, should at least be worth a look to the efficiency-minded among us.

In the Essential Productivity & Security Bundle, you get five time-saving services:

  • Time Doctor Solo Plan: 2-Year Subscription: The Time Doctor app tracks what you do at work – then finds ways to help you do it better and faster. A true procrastination buster!
  • Koofr 100GB Plan: 3-Year Subscription: Pull together all your cloud accounts and personal storage, making all your files accessible in one place. Synchronize and encrypt your data as you free up your hard drive.
  • TigerVPN Lite: 3-Year Subscription: Premium VPN service offers complete online anonymity with all the speed and security your data needs. 256bit SSL encryption, fast private access and full protection for 36 months.
  • Hushed Private Phone Number: Lifetime Subscription: Get a secondary phone number with an area code of your choice…long distance phone service at local rates forever.
  • IDrive Personal 1TB Cloud Backup: 1-Year Subscription: Military-grade cloud backup for up to 1TB of data across an unlimited number of devices. Access all your home storage from your smartphone or tablet anywhere.

This bundle handles a host of infrastructure needs with one $59 purchase. Streamline your tech and your life right now.

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