The Great Ace Attorney being held back by “circumstances,” says Capcom

While we are definitely getting Ace Attorney 6 in the English speaking world, fans are still up in arms about the sub-entry in the series that Capcom hasn’t localized yet. Many have assumed that Capcom is only focusing on localizing the main entries in this series, but Producer Motohide Eshiro says far deeper complications are what’s really holding the game back

Speaking with Gamespot, Eshiro makes a plea for sanity to the fans saying he wants to localize the game.

Unfortunately there’s a number of circumstances… We absolutely do want to bring it to the West, but unfortunately due to these circumstances right now… I’m really really sorry!

Nowadays on the Internet lots of fans are directly asking us, “Where’s Daigyakuten Saiban?” On livestreams, even in the Japanese ones, people from the West will write in and ask where it is. Every time we say, we’re sorry! Certain circumstances are kind of getting in the way.

Eshiro never spells out what the circumstances are, but if I dare to guess, the game does prominently feature Sherlock Holmes. Those “circumstances” are most likely trademark issues that Capcom can’t get around in a financially feasible manner. In Japan, that’s one story, but after paying fees, localizing, and distributing, the West is an entirely different situation.

That’s a real shame, too, if this is the case. Just a guess, but we’ll probably not get the chance to see this one in English.

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