The most popular beer and liquor for the fans of every NFL team

Green Bay Packers Fan DrinkingMike Roemer/AP

Few things in American culture are as inextricably linked as football and alcohol.

It’s impossible to enjoy the NFL on Sunday without also watching a seemingly endless flow of beer commercials, and now you can chose from 28 different NFL team-specific cans of Bud Light — the official beer of the NFL until 2022 — to enjoy while watching your favorite team, because simply wearing your jersey on Sunday in the living room isn’t enough.

And like America itself, the imbibing proclivities of this country’s football fans are diverse.

Luckily for us, we now have a way to track these patterns.

In December, Nielsen announced a strategic partnership with BARTRENDr, a data-analytics and social-network company focused specifically on the alcohol beverage industry. Together, they tracked the most popular beer and alcohol brands for all 32 NFL fan bases by looking at engagement across social media to see which brands were most talked about in each region.

Here is the most popular beer and liquor for each NFL team.

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