The original Psychonauts heads to PS4 this spring

PlayStation 4, it would seem, is the place go for classic Tim Schafer games. His LucasArts classic Grim Fandango hit PlayStation 4 last year – we loved it on PC. Now, Psychonauts, already available on Steam and other PC services, is coming to PlayStation 4.

With Psychonauts 2 successfully crowd-funded, and a Psychonauts VR game, Rhombus of Ruin,coming to PlayStation VR, now is the perfect time for the original to resurface.

There are a couple questions remaining: is this a straight port of the PlayStation 2 version? With PlayStation 2 games like Final Fantasy VII hitting the PlayStation 4, it’s certainly possible. Or, better yet, is it the PC version? This version has seen some bug fixes and tweaks to the later difficulty spikes, and those would certainly be appreciated.

We’ve reached out to Double Fine to confirm the last question and will update this story with any response they provide.

Psychonauts hits PlayStation 4 sometime this spring.

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