The Time Don Rickles Made Me Bypass My Heater Core And Other Tenuous Car Tie-Ins

I guess by now you’ve heard that America’s most valuable natural resource, Don Rickles, the King of the Insult Comics, died today at the age of 90. Now, Don Rickles wasn’t especially fond of cars or automobiles or anything, really, but I liked Don Rickles so I’m going to shoehorn in a connection, anyway.


Okay, I think I have some tenuous car-related Rickles-content:

• This old clip from when Rickles was on the Don Adams Show is very car-related, even if the cars are fake:

• Don Rickles was once on Seinfeld’s Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee, in a 1958 Cadillac Eldorado Seville. It’s pretty great.

• Years ago, my then-girlfriend and now wife and I decided we really wanted to see Don Rickles live, before he died. This was like 10 years ago – who knew the cranky old bastard would have hung around so long? He’s looked like he’s been about to die for decades.


Anyway, he was playing in Lake Tahoe, and we were in LA, so we got in her ‘99 Golf (the newest car we had) and set off. About a quarter of the way in, an engine mount broke and dropped the engine down by a few inches on one side, yanking all the coolant hoses.

So, to fix it on the road, I bypassed the heater core to give the hoses enough extra slack. I think maybe I even made a coupler from a soda can? Anyway, that was the first time I did a heater-core bypass-type anything, and I have Don Rickles to thank for that.



That last one is pretty tenuous, I know, but, well, fuck it.

Sure, he’s no Steve McQueen, but I for one will sure miss knowing that old hockey puck is still around.

Just remember, he probably thought you were an idiot

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