These banned Overwatch cheaters have hilarious names

Blizzard has banned cheaters before, and they’ll do it again. This week, Blizzard’s Chinese division pulled the rug out from under more than 1,600 fun-ruining jerks, laying down permanent bans on these rule-breakers. What makes the Chinese division different is that when they ban players, they write their names on the board for everyone to see.

And man, those cheaters had some incredible names. Reddit user _CRISPR translated a bunch of them. Chinese is especially well-suited to something like this thanks to the amount of information one can fit into just a few characters. Here are some of the truly great ones:

  • Rez me I’m gonna give more free kills to the enemy
  • The world could always use more butts
  • Group with me I’m super good as Hanzo
  • It’s High N-ughhh
  • Aimbot
  • Ugly guy with thick lip and smelly feet
  • Can’t think of a name
  • If I don’t get POTG I’ll stream me eating s***

Check out the full list in the source below. I wish these players hadn’t cheated. Not just because cheating in multiplayer games ruins them for everyone, but because goofy names make the game that much more fun to play.

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