This Famous Porsche 911 And Tuned 240Z Are The Angels Of Angeles Crest

Feel like I can hear these cars even before pushing play. (Image Credit: Magnus Walker/YouTube)

Watch them fly, hear them sing.


Light, mechanical, direct machines on a canyon road to yourselves; it’s hard to imagine a better day driving with a friend. Or a pair of cars more perfectly suited to slicing and dicing some of the finest corners California has to offer than this very special Datsun 240Z and famous Porsche 911.

Regular readers will probably recognize both of these characters. And the guys driving them, too.

The 1973 Z is known as “FuguZ,” prepared by SoCal import tuner outfit GReddy. You may recall seeing that brand’s stickers in Fast & Furious movies, which is also where you would have seen the car’s owner Sung Kang as Han.


Underneath that Rocket Bunny wide-body kit is a Nissan RB26DETT engine from a GT-R, with the turbos removed, compression raised and individual throttle bodies fitted. Now it sings to 9,000 RPM, as you can hear melodiously in the video. You’ll find some more details and beautiful photographs of the car over at SpeedHunters.

Punk Porschiphile Magnus Walker’s no movie star, but he’s at least as well recognized in car circles as Kang. There aren’t too many guys with dreadlocks driving 911s this pretty.



Walker’s story, as told by Top Gear a few years ago, starts the same as a lot of car guys– an early obsession that never really went away. He amassed his fortune flipping thrift-store clothes into designer items, and then turning that hustle into a business. After moving that operation into a bigger facility, he found himself selling space to film producers making movies. Come to America, get rich, it’s just that easy!

Walker has since gathered an incredible collection of Porsches with a signature rough and retro vibe.


The last time many of us saw the car in this video, wearing the number “277,” it was planted into the side of a parked truck. Nice to see it’s straight again and back doing what it was born to. If you want to look at this car even more closely, Stance Works just posted an absolutely stunning gallery of the thing in its current (operational) condition.

Hat tip to Derek!

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