This Cheap, Rare JDM Mazda Will Make You Forget All About The Skyline GT-R

This Cheap, Rare JDM Mazda Will Make You Forget All About The Skyline GT-R

When I see celebrity mansions with garages filled with new supercars, my enthusiasm fades a bit, because those are the obvious car choices for rich people. However, a truly unique car to own has to have such rarity that it’ll beg a double-take from anyone in its vicinity, regardless of status. A car like this Mazda Eunos Cosmo that’s more powerful and harder to find stateside than any Nissan Skyline ever made, and it can now be yours for Ford Fusion money.

This Cheap, Rare JDM Mazda Will Make You Forget All About The Skyline GT-R

This 1990 Mazda Eunos Cosmo is a car that was never offered in the United States, for good reason—we’re simply not worthy. Its 20B-REW three-rotor Wankel engine produced around 300 horsepower and the same amount of torque, revving to the moon and back before you ever got the chance to say “apex seal.”


Unlike the iconic two-rotor RX-7, the Eunos Cosmo was never built to be a lightweight sports car. Instead, it was billed as a comfortable GT cruiser with luxury touches all about the well-appointed cabin, which in itself is a loving tribute to the best the ‘80s had to offer from the land of the rising sun.

At a less-than-$20k asking price, it’s way more rarity than you’d get by buying almost anything else, including a used R32 Skyline that wasn’t covered under a CarMax warranty.

This Cheap, Rare JDM Mazda Will Make You Forget All About The Skyline GT-R

While the car does show its age a bit with the leather worn and stained in places, the issues all seem to be cosmetic, and its relatively low 60k mileage figure and automatic transmission means that it likely wasn’t flogged by incorrigible youths looking to get girls’ numbers by doing dorifto-donuts around their car (That never actually happens, by the way.)


Here’s an excerpt from the car’s lengthy description:


The Two Tone Red / Gray shines and is a great combination with the AutoEXE body kit. The car looks very sporting and the body kit drastically changes the appearance of the Cosmo. It looks like a sports car as apposed to a luxury coupe. The paint has some flaws, mainly in the front bumper where it is peeling near the license plate area. The rest of the paint job is great shape The car was originally blue and the custom red was applied in the door jams as well as the trunk jams. The Glass is clear and intact with old tints that may need to be replaced. All lighting and trims are in place and functional.


The interior is a plush beige leather that is covered throughout the cockpit on the dash and doors. It is in good condition throughout and in fair condition on the seats. The seats are showing age with cracks and blemishes from normal use. The seats are supportive yet comfortable for long drives. This car is the epitome of a Grand Tourer. This Cosmo also has a host of Stereo upgrades including an indash TV. The OEM stereo which is known to fail has been replaced with Kenwood units. The gauge cluster and instrument display are clear and functioning properly.


A 20B 3 Rotor Engine powers this car effortlessly. With 300 HP from the factory, it offers plenty of power and torque. It sounds amazing and pulls very strong. It idles smoothly and quietly. There is no smoke or signs of oil/water consumption. The engine has been fitted with a K&N high performance intake filter kit. There is also a pair of custom AutoEXE Stainless Steel exhausts that are very quiet. The engine bay and drivetrain are clean and original.

This Cheap, Rare JDM Mazda Will Make You Forget All About The Skyline GT-R

As with any rotary car of this age, I’d have it gone over internally to make sure it’s within spec and not in need of a rebuild. If that checks out and if a manual transmission can be somehow grafted into the chassis using RX-7 running gear, you’d have a one of a kind JDM masterpiece that outperforms nearly anything new today, has enormous tuning potential and possesses an exhaust note unlike any car in the country—just don’t expect to get parts from your local Autozone.

When I have my dream garage, I’ll definitely add one of these to my collection. That is, if they’re not all scooped up by people who have better sense than I do.

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