This Guy Sold His Volkswagen And Broke His Little Girl’s Heart

I’ll admit it, I cried when my dad sold his red Saab. I loved riding in that thing. It was the car that brought me home from the hospital and the one that took him to and from work each day. So when I saw this little girl’s reaction when her dad sold his car that she loved, I totally felt her pain.

Image credit: Austin

A reader named Austin told us in an email that he owned his 2001 Volkswagen Jetta VR6 for 14 years before selling it to a nice buyer from Craigslist. He was sad to see the car go, but nowhere near as distraught as his two-year-old daughter, who loved that thing.

Pictured: happier times. Image credit: Austin

“Most of her road time is spent in her mom’s boring ol’ Corolla, but when it was time to hoon with dad, she’d always get a smile on her face and squeal, ‘Daddy’s car! Vroom-VROOOM!!’” Austin wrote.



“We’d “3… 2… 1… Blastoff!” at every stop sign and she’d laugh her head off as we went up and down (and up and down) Austin’s famously twisty Spicewood Springs Road (conveniently located just a couple miles from our house).”

Austin also said that the car died on the guy he sold it to as the man was driving it to his home in a neighboring town and had to get it towed. Coincidence? I don’t think so. I think the girl and the car were in cahoots. Some mysterious bond between the two that reared its head one last time.

Listen up, baby girl: cars are going to come and go in life. What’s important is that you hang onto those memories. That’s what keeps them alive. But for now, let it all out.


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