This is what it’s like to fly a personal seaplane around New York City

ICON A5 Plane Ben ZhangScreenshot via ICON

As Business Insider’s transportation reporter, flying on planes is an integral part of my job description.

Unfortunately for me, acrophobia is also a major part of life. Simply put, I don’t like heights. Although I thoroughly enjoy flying on big airliners, small planes still bug me. I don’t like the instability, the single engine, and I don’t like the all-too frequent instances of general aviation aircraft falling out of the sky.

Recently, ICON Aircraft introduced their new A5 light sport personal seaplane. It’s a small two-seat amphibious plane that can take off and land from both the land and water. Based on the company’s videos and photos, it looked pretty awesome.

Last year, the company made a couple of its planes and pilots available for demo flights over the Hudson River. The invitation was too good to pass up. But I was still hesitant. So I talked a videographer colleague of mine into going with me and take the test flight in my place.

Here’s how it went.

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