This May Be The Saddest, Stupidest Exit From A Carwash Wreck Ever


If there’s one thing the internet has gifted humanity, it’s so many more opportunities to feel that remarkable sensation of complete and utter bafflement. This video of a Montana car wash is an ideal example. How did this happen? I mean, I get that understeer is a problem for many cars, but this is absurd.


I suspect that this event was the first time it’s ever happened, because the car wash doesn’t have a guard rail by that 10-foot-or-so dropoff, because the designers of that exit probably, quite reasonably, though that any metabolizing being capable of piloting a motor-carriage should be capable of navigating that slow, simple turn without plummeting off the side.

They were wrong.


It’s dazzling just how dramatically wrong this goes. The driver shows no sign of worry or concern, or even braking, and then not only does that Toyota Sienna plummet and roll, it hits a hydrant and sends a massive geyser of water in the air.

Watch the rolling hubcaps, too. They form the perfect little parenthetical of sad, languid fuck-uperry that is at the soul of this whole ridiculous event.

How does someone do this? Were they texting? I hope they’re texting, because paying attention and still doing this brings up issues far too terrifying to confront.

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