This Rotor’s POV Video Shows How Helicopters Don’t Fly, But Beat The Air Into Submission

This Rotor's POV Video Shows How Helicopters Don't Fly, But Beat The Air Into Submission

Finally! Some hero did the inevitable and mounted a GoPro on the main rotor hub of a helicopter, and not just any helicopter but a Russian-built Mi-8 Hip. It gives an incredibly intimate but dizzying view of of the hodgepodge of bolts, plates and actuators that keep a helicopter thumping away through the air.…


The Mi-8 has a five-blade fully articulated main rotor with hydraulic lead-lag dampers. You can see these dampers at work minimizing the retreating blade’s “dip.”

Just a little background on how a helicopter flies and how a main rotor works for those who want to understand what they are seeing in action here:


Try not to get dizzy.

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