Train Grabs Semi-Truck And Takes It For A Short Hellride

Train Grabs Semi-Truck And Takes It For A Short Hellride

In another episode of truck versus train: not only does the train win again, it accidentally hauls the big rig a quarter mile down the tracks before grinding to a stop.

Fortunately nobody appears to have been seriously hurt in this wreck captured in Mountain Iron, Minnesota by a State Trooper Sgt. Jeff Shay’s dashcam.


The cop immediately calls an ambulance and catches up with the train crew and truck driver, who seemed to have basically just had a brain fart and ignored the lit railroad crossings lights.

People on the train were unscathed, the 67-year-old local truck driver got away with a mild cut according to the Minnesota City Pages.


What did we learn? Train beats truck. Always. Watch out for those red lights, people!

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