Uber now offers motorcycle rides in one country

Uber is launching a brand new service in Bangkok. Starting this week you can hail a motorcycle in the Thai capital with UberMOTO, assuming you don’t mind clinging to the back of a stranger’s bike as they weave through city traffic.

Motorcycle taxis are actually a popular choice in Thailand and much of Southeast Asia. Bangkok in particular suffers from pretty rough traffic congestion, making motorcycles an easy quick alternative. The new service is also cheaper than a regular Uber, making it one of the most affordable options in the city.

UberMOTO is built into the regular Uber app, so it’s easy to find a ride with the tap of a button. The company says all its drivers go through a background check, and are required to provide a helmet for the rider.

For now the new service is limited to just a few Bangkok neighborhoods, though it should expand to the rest of the city soon. It’s unclear if the company plans to bring UberMOTO to any other countries, though if it takes off you might just see the option pop up on your own smartphone down the line.

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