Vice President Joe Biden Gets Permission To Drive A Corvette, Immediately Does A Burnout

The Secret Service let Vice President of these United States Joe Biden drive his 1967 Corvette when Jay Leno turned up, and the first thing he does is a glorious American burnout.


In a tweeted preview of the upcoming season of Jay Leno’s Garage, Jay shows up to the Secret Service’s training grounds to meet up with Vice President Joe Biden and his 1967 Corvette that he isn’t usually allowed to drive.

According to Joe, this is only the third time he’s been allowed to drive his Corvette since taking office, and he does what any warm blooded American would do in this situation: burnout.

“I shouldn’t say this on television—I like speed.”


The Veep’s 1967 Corvette was a wedding gift from his father 49 years ago, but unfortunately most of our nation’s leaders are barred from driving while holding office, so when they can get away with it, of course they try to get the most out of the occasion.

Biden’s two sons had recently had the engine rebuilt as a Christmas present, and it’s only natural that he refers to his Corvette as the only car he’s ever loved. He claims that he “buried it” up to 160 miles per hour when he was younger. Hell yea.



And then former Secretary of State Colin Powell shows up in a 2016 Corvette and we’ll all have to tune in when the show airs November 9th on CNBC to find out what happens next.

I’m definitely going to miss cool guy Joe Biden as our Vice President. I think we all will. I will be happy knowing he’s off doing burnouts in his ‘67 somewhere without the stress of international politics looming over him.

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