Want to shoot a documentary? Here’s some gear you’ll need

Filmmaking is not necessarily rocket science, but it is a craft you need to slowly master. It takes a lot of practice, persistence, and the right tools. We can’t help you out with the first two steps but the third one is our specialty. Gear is of the utmost importance for filmmakers and video editors like Ron, and he’s got a few gear tips to help you create a great documentary.

Shooting a documentary depends a lot on the equipment you use. The most important tool you will need is obviously a camera. But there a lot more gear you will need. Everything from SD cards, ND filters, batteries, Lav mics and more—it all plays a role.

Ron’s gear:

As you can see from the list above, there’s a lot you’ll need, which speaks to how much goes into creating the perfect blend of video and audio, and weaving those two together for the final product. Some items on his list are obvious choices while others might be things you’ve never heard of. All the gear on the list plays different roles and will fluctuate depending on your needs.

Ron breaks down each piece of gear into more detail in the video above.

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