Watch How Hot Your Engine And Exhaust Get While Running

I’ve always had an irrational fear of mufflers and exhausts, which I guess I can attribute to frequently losing the hair and skin off my leg from the hot pipe of my dirt bike growing up. This fear carried over to cars though, and now I get to see my fears rationalized with the use of a thermal imaging camera.


The latest video from Engineering Explained points a FLIR thermal imaging camera the the engine bay and exhaust system of the Honda S2000 right after startup and through to giving it a good revving:

The video follows the glowing wave of heat from the exhaust manifold at startup, down through the piping and out back to the mufflers. Somewhat alleviating my fears is seeing that the muffler tips themselves are actually not too hot at all, though the gases being emitted are hotter than the pipes register at on camera.

Now I’d like to see how hot I get on camera while driving through traffic.

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