Watch This Ratty Off-Road Sports Car Climb Stairs And Kick Ass

Watch This Ratty Off-Road Sports Car Climb Stairs And Kick Ass

Don’t write this car off because it looks like the homebuilt bastard of a hot wheels car and somebody’s discount Fiero body kit. It’s pulling off some pretty impressive moves here, and hey are those road tires?

Causal attempts to track down the origin of this thing have so far been unsuccessful, which makes me think this clip is actually ancient. The video quality would also support that theory.


Anybody recognize this crazy car?

So far I’ve only seen this version of the clip as posted by Israeli off-road guide Ofir Harel, but I like what I’m looking at.


The vehicle hucks through ruts, climbs stairs and then cuts tarmac on a road course. Looks like it’s sitting on some kind of air or hydraulic suspension with a massive range of adjustability in the ride height.

It’s kind of like Vaughn Gitten Jr.’s F-150 but, somehow much worse and better at the same time.

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