Waze 4.0 for Android intros tons of new features, will keep you out of traffic

Waze, one of the most popular applications for drivers who want to take the fastest route possible at all times, recently received a major update on Android. Waze 4.0, available now, introduces several new features that should improve your experience. Use it, and you’ll avoid sitting in traffic like this guy:


Waze 4.0 has a new ETA panel that puts plenty of quick options right in one place, so it’s easier to get what you need without digging through the app. That includes the option to check other routes to the same destination, check traffic reports and share your estimated time of arrival with friends. There’s a new pitstop feature, too, which was also just added to Google Maps on iOS. Other features include smart reminders and reduced battery consumption.

Love Waze? Haven’t tried it yet? Grab it at the source below.

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