Your Honda Is Delicious To Rodents And Varmints: Lawsuit

Your Honda Is Delicious To Rodents And Varmints: Lawsuit

Did you know that some Honda models right now use wiring which is considered a delicacy by rodents in North America? It’s true, according to a recent lawsuit! But lawyers have already come to the rescue.

According to a lawsuit filed in California, a soy-based coating that Honda uses on some of its wiring is just too tasty for rodents to ignore. Owners have complained that squirrels, mice and even rabbits have gotten into their engine compartments and caused damage by chewing on the wiring – all because of that tasty soy-based coating. Via Courthouse News Service:

Greg Delaney, of Arizona, says he took his 2014 CrossTour to the dealer because the wiring was “shredded through.” The dealer said repairs were not covered by warranty, but they did find “a live rabbit still chewing through the wiring in Mr. Delaney’s vehicle, and provided Mr. Delaney with a photograph of the live animal chewing the wiring in the car. Mr. Delaney was charged and paid approximately $765 for the repair,” he says.

This would be funny if it was’t so expensive. Actually, I admit it is funny even though it is expensive. But owners have said their repairs – which run into the hundreds of dollars – are not covered by warranty. After all, isn’t this really an Act of God?


One customer claimed that a Honda dealer employee found a rabbit in the engine compartment chomping away while the car was at the dealer for repair. Others claim that rodents have moved in and set up house inside the engine compartments to be closer to their new-found food source.

An allegation made by the plaintiffs in their action is that Honda knows of this problem and has even furnished dealers with some sort of anti-rodent tape to use in engine compartments. I figure it’s just a matter of time before Honda issues huge traps for under-hood usage.


I’ll follow this story for you and give updates as necessary. As for now, I am going to go find a Honda and nibble on the wiring myself. Stuff sounds delicious.

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