5 hedge fund recruiters told us the hottest trends in hiring

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Hedge funds are having a rough time.

Several storied managers are posting dismal performance, while others are closing shop entirely.

At the same time, the industry is known for being lucrative, turning a fortunate few into multi-millionaires – and even billionaires.

Not that it’s easy to find a job.

We asked a handful of hedge fund recruiters what it takes to find an investment role these days. Some common themes came up:

  • There’s a strong demand for analysts with quant backgrounds, which should come as little surprise – funds are incorporating alternative data into their strategies and trying to figure out how to outsmart the competition.
  • Analysts need to be flexible, meaning they need to learn new skills or be willing to start at a small, start-up fund with less pay, since a lot of the bigger funds aren’t hiring.

You can read the recruiters’ advice in full below.

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